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One of the most recognisable and popular brands in the world, premium outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland has truly universal appeal, with many people across the globe having owned a pair of its iconic yellow boots at some point in their lives. Recently, the brand has undergone an intensive Creative Vision project in which it looked back at its rich heritage of workwear and products designed for the outdoors, with a passion for nature at its core. In addition, the move reinforced Timberland’s identity and ethos, emphasising the brand’s commitment to responsible design and sustainability timberland 6 inch boots sale uk goals through better sourcing and raw material farming initiatives. 

Last year the brand appointed Christopher Raeburn as Global Creative Director, while Nick Barber continues to shape the stylistic direction of the clothing division as Global Apparel Design Director. A key strategy that is set to lay the foundations for future success is diversification beyond the brand’s classics to offer the Timberland community a full breadth of products for their outdoor lifestyle. Apparel, and especially outerwear, plays a very important role in that diversification strategy, as well as “leveraging the footwear and apparel design hubs to design closer to the consumer and truly timberland outlet uk boots understand and cater to their fashion needs,” as Nick explains. 

With the brand represented in most core markets across the world, including the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions, and targeting further growth across all of these territories, the challenge is to capture the design DNA and to stay authentic to the brand’s unique selling point while referencing geographical considerations for each market. According to Nick, this boils down to having genuine insights into the target audience of each country and being in tune with the end consumer – wherever they may be based. “From a business perspective, it’s important that we bring authenticity to every Timberland cheap womens timberland boots collection. When it comes to trends, we find that Asia, heavily influenced by Japan, often leads the way. 

A good example of this is the oversized workwear look we were designing for Asia back in 2016; only recently have we noticed this look gain relevance with EMEA and NORA regions,” he says. The brand employs an insights team who provide regular updates on its design targets and consumer profiles. “The reports incorporate anything from their hobbies and activities to their attitudes about fashion to what social and environmental concerns they might have – so we’re really in touch with our audience. We also travel within our biggest regions ahead of each season to see first-hand how trends and consumer tastes are evolving within the marketplace. This ensures the team is always well-informed of what really matters to vans old skool womens the Timberland community in our key markets, and then we can design accordingly,” he adds.

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