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OSRS Clan Quality of Life changes

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Please check the below Clan Quality of Life changes and dertails,It will help you in daily clan work.

1.A special broadcast will fire to your clan every three months during your first year, and then again on your ‘clanniversary’ every year after that:

2.New clan keywords “Discord’ and ‘Invention’ are added as the old one ‘RuneScape 2007renamed to ‘Old School RuneScape’.
3.‘Discord’ and ‘Invention’ have been added to the list of clan keywords.

4.When viewing a clan's Noticeboard, the title will now be the name of the clan.

5.Clan Noticeboard now becomes alphabetised with ‘abandoned mine’ as the entries in the ‘place’ dropdown menu.

6.The Vexillum option has been removed from the Noticeboard edit interface.

7.The Clan Info interface has been refreshed and a clan’s creation date added.

8.Hovering over a clan member’s rank icon in Clan Chat now allows you to view the job title.

9.More info about upcoming Clan events is included in reminder notifications. And when an event runs for 30 min, a event notification message will fire.

10.The Clan Log will be updated to show the last week’s visitor and capped count

Changes in Clan chat

1.You can now view the information of the clan you're guesting in by clicking the I button. You can also view that clan’s Noticeboard and see what events they have coming up

2.When you guest in a Clan Chat, notifications of the time of upcoming event can be received.

3.Clans will be able to set a total level requirement for guests to join their clan chat in Clan Settings.

4.Clan staff can set up a 'Guest Clan PIN' that will stop uninvited guests from entering the clan.

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