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Learn RS3 Patch Notes on Dec. 2

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The patch notes for this week’s update have been revealed on the latest official news post. Here you could learn the highlights and improvements to Farming and Herblore 120.

Highlights of RS Patch Notes on December 2nd

The update on December 2nd includes the Mining and Smithing rework and Araxxor. Here you could learn the highlights of patch notes for this week: 
-Blessed sand and extra fine sand used for creating the Blessed flask are now tradable. 
-1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sandstone have had their buy limit on the grand exchange increased to 10,000. 
-The Smithing autoheater message can now be filtered.

RS Farming 120 and Herblore 120 bug fixes

Some improvements and bug fixes have been made to RS Farming 120 and Herblore 120 with the update this week: 
-It is now possible to add noted insects to the troughs on The Ranch Out of Time. 
-You will now be notified when you don’t have the right levels to make Primal Pulp. 
-Creating unfinished potions will no longer provide duplicate vials. 
-You will no longer be able to make potions with ingredients stored on your Beast of Burden. 
-The Scroll of Cleansing now saves the correct number of Grenwall Spikes. 
-Drinking an Elder Overload potion while using the Maniacal or Berserker auras will now correctly boost combat stats to 130.

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