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Guide: How to Summon RS Portable Vic the Trader until May 26?

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The new Portable Vic the Trader can be summoned now to exchange bonus experience until May 26. You can get some unique items from this portable trader, including unique items, skill outfit pieces and prismatic lamps.

RS Portable Vic the Trader now available

RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader has been active from April 23 to May 26, 2019. The portable trader can be summoned by exchanging a Bond in both F2P and P2P worlds. Once it is activated, players will be able to use their portable Vic for an hour.

Method to summon Portable Vic the Trader

Follow the steps if you want to summon a RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader:
1. Withdraw one bond into your inventory.
2. Open the Bond interface, and locate the Portable Trader.
3. Click on the Trader Summoning Stone in the inventory and activate it.
4. Get credits with bonus XP.
5. Spend credits to buy the usual range of wares from RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader, including unique items, skill outfit pieces and prismatic lamps.

What must you know about Portable Trader?

1. In comparison to regular Vic the Trader, Portable Vic will have better XP exchange rates than regular Vic.
2. Portable Vic will only work for the person who summoned him, and the summoner cannot use other Vics.
3. The portable trader cannot be spawned within a 3 tile radius of another player’s trader, or in a 10 tile radius of Vic the trader.

Now you could summon your own RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader. Additionally, it can be your top choice to buy cheap RS gold from professional RSorder.

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